Who’s got the flying public’s backs against the terrorists? Flight Attendants, that’s who.

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Two days prior to the horrible suicide bomb attack in Manchester, like a canary in a coal mine,a lone terrorist attempted togain access to the front cabin, and potentially the cockpit,of a domestic flight bound for happy, holiday, honeymoon-land, Hawaii. Whether the attack was a dry run, or a live threat remains to be seen, but not enough praise has been heaped on the flight attendants, that we do know.

The headline in Business Insiderthat describes the assailant as “unruly,” is a gross understatement, to say the least. This traveler conducted more than one security breach at the airport in Los Angeles, and any one of his transgressions should have landed him in jail, but instead, he was welcomed aboard a jet bound for Honolulu by a completely unsuspecting crew and passengers.

Luckily, he was not the sophisticated, blend-in-with-the-crowd terrorist of 9/11 vintage. He, inadvertently, got on…

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